Indie Pop Artist Jenko (

Indie Pop Artist Jenko (

Music industry insiders, musicians from around the world, manufacturers and software engineers – they all look forward to one of the most important events of the year. The #Namm show in Anaheim, not far from Los Angeles in sunny California, USA.

Jenkō traveled with keyboard stand manufacturer Blackpanthersystem to one of the largest music shows in the world. She didn’t just come as an artist to perform at the booth of the Tauberbischofsheim-based manufacturer. She was also there to use her own experience as a pianist to arouse the interest of international distributors and other interested parties in the unique product. Jenkō herself became aware of the German-made keyboard, which can be expanded in many ways thanks to its fully modular design, in 2021. “When I play, I don’t want a bunch of unstable equipment. I want a flagship product, stable, solid – not a mix of different stands from different manufacturers,” says the artist. When asked about his experience at the show, the indie artist’s eyes light up: “It’s crazy what great keyboard players there are in the world. Hitting the keys with great, established artists was a unique experience for me, for which I am eternally grateful to Blackpanthersystem and Mott Mobile Systeme, the makers of the keyboard stand. I was able to jam for hours without even knowing some of the artists, and I was able to make international contacts with Atlantic Records and pianists from overseas. I am sure that one or the other artistic fusion will result in the near future”. Among those who visited the booth at the fair were well-known YouTuber Doctor Mix and Jim Rellas, who accompanied Jenkō on the piano for several live performances.

Gunter Henkel, the inventor of the Blackpanthersystem, added another highlight to Jenkō’s visit to the USA by getting a Mellotron Micro for Jenkō at the vintage key manufacturer Mellotron. “To be able to go home with these experiences, with this incomparably authentic instrument and with these memories is for me as a musician an unparalleled experience!

If you’re as excited about this trip as we are, be sure to check out the channels on Instagram @jenkomusicofficial and @blackpanthersystem! We have exclusive content for you straight from the #Namm Show 2022!

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