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I admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist. As a technical engineer, everything for me has to be logical, as simple as possible and everything has to be in order. And I love music, also very much electronic music. Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and everything about “Berlin School of electronic Music”. In my youth I was a DJ and now I like to make music myself, as far as I can ;-). I am not a professional and very far from it. As so often, music begins with a first keyboard. At first I only produced music on the computer. Then I bought a Thomann SP5600 and a relatively stable stand from the market leader, the 18810, because of the possible extensions I knew at the time.

The game itself is fun, but getting full sound on your own is difficult. So I reflected on the contribution of my brothers with guitar accompaniment. Apart from sporadic games together, it didn’t turn out to be much – because of their children and work. In order to get a fuller sound, a couple of system extensions had to be found, at least something for a bassline (TB-3) and drums (TR-8S) and something for the pads (Prophet REV2). Where to put ? On extensions of the K&M stand. That’s when the drama started. You could put a lot on it, but it was arranged completely unergonomically, not sufficient and completely inflexible, despite numerous extensions. And the Kabelfitz with the many strings – I hate that. Above all, the felt 1000 plug-in power supplies of the devices. And so I tinkered something with available K&M extensions and other handicraft parts, from socket strips, and laptop holders, so that it worked halfway. Now the functions were almost as desired within the scope of the possibilities. Only further extensions are not possible. That’s what drives me crazy. And then I asked myself how other synth players and lovers or home recorders do it. The internet is full of Youtube videos … what I found, everything, but also everything just individual craft solutions. My further research on the market – there was actually no system that was stable, modular and flexibly expandable. Patent search: unsuccessful search. So, go ahead, design your own construction. And so there were so many new ideas during the construction that could be integrated into a completely new system that the BLACKPANTHER was born. Almost “infinitely” flexible and modularly expandable. What you see today is only a fraction of the possibilities … there should be more and more new features for you on a regular and long-term basis. You will have a lot of fun with it. The system can grow with your needs. And everything is affordable. A purchase and fun for life

Innovative and musical greetings
Your Gunter