Keyboard Stand Configurator

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  • 2 tiers
  • vertically adjustable in 3 positions
  • tilt angle for 2nd and 3rd level adjustable in 8 steps
  • height-adjustable and individually expandable
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Keyboard Stand Configurator

Discover the Black Panther Keyboard Stand Configurator and unleash your creativity! With Black Panther’s Keyboard Stand Configurator, you take control and design your keyboard stand exactly the way you want it.

Features and Highlights:

  • Endless customization: Choose from a variety of levels and add-ons to create the stand you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Flexible storage options: Decide if you want storage trays or prefer a more minimalist approach. Perfect for tailoring your setup to your exact needs.
  • Additional Power Strip: Choose to integrate a power strip to ensure all your devices are conveniently connected.
  • Multiple tiers: Whether you want two, three or more tiers, our configurator makes it easy to add them.
  • You’re the designer: With us, every detail is up to you. This isn’t just any stand; it’s your personal flagship for your synths.
  • Expand your setup: You’ll find all of our add-ons in the Add-Ons category, and all of the components you can add to your design in the Modular Components category.

Technical Specifications for Cedro (2 Tier Stand)

  • Shelf Spacing: 540 mm
  • Shelf Depth 1st Level: 470 mm
  • Shelf Depth 2nd Level: 350 mm
  • Load Capacity 1st Level: 40 kg
  • Load Capacity 2nd Level: 20 kg

Technical Specifications for Para (3 Tier Stand)

  • Height Adjustment of 3rd Level Relative to 1st Level: adjustable by 590 mm
  • Height Adjustment Range: 600 – 900 mm with locking clamp screws
  • Angle of 2nd and 3rd Levels: 8-position adjustable
  • Shelf Spacing: 540 mm
  • Shelf Depth 1st Level: 470 mm
  • Shelf Depth 2nd and 3rd Levels: 350 mm each
  • Load Capacity 1st Level: 40 kg
  • Load Capacity 2nd and 3rd Levels: 20 kg each

Use Black Panther’s Keyboard Stand Configurator to create a keyboard stand that’s not only functional, but also a true design statement. Your gear deserves the best!


Additional information

Weight 17,5 kg
Dimensions 63 × 91 × 117 cm