Quassia – Ergonomic Laptop Holder with dimensions 450×275 mm

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  • Ergonomic Laptop Holder with dimensions 450×275 mm
  • finished in RAL 9005 matte
  • inclusive of Mounting Accessories Set

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Quassia – Ergonomic Laptop Holder with dimensions 450×275 mm

Introducing the Laptop Holder Quassia nota – the ultimate accessory for every keyboard player! Say goodbye to awkward and uncomfortable laptop or midi controller positioning, and hello to a versatile and customizable solution. This holder is specifically designed to attach seamlessly to any leg of your Blackpanther keyboard stand, giving you complete control over height and angle adjustments. Whether you’re playing with sheet music or using your laptop for music production, this holder has got you covered. The central cut-out ensures that your laptop can also be plugged in with the power cable, even during the most vigorous performances. So why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when you can have a tailor-made accessory that perfectly complements your individual components?

To seamlessly integrate the Quassia Laptop Holder with your Black Panther keyboard stand, you’ll need two additional components for optimal functionality.

First, select the Iberoxo Braco from our online shop, which comes in three distinct lengths to tailor to your specific requirements.

Next, choose the Iberoxo Tubo, available in two different lengths.

Once you’ve purchased these additional components along with Quassia Nota, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience for your laptop or sheet music.

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Weight 1,22 kg
Dimensions 27,5 × 45 × 12,3 cm